5 Tips for Google Analytics Use

Google analytic is a useful tool that every business must have. The best part is that one can customize it to fit their business needs. Although this is a common tool that can assist you in running a successful business via making concrete decisions, we cannot ignore the fact that some issues may arise in the course of your work while using the tool. So, as the business owner who is working with Google analytics, it is essential that you learn about these common problems so you can identify them the moment they occur and rectify them. Note that these problems impact your business negatively since they interfere with the data that works with these tools, but as long you have the appropriate Google Analytics tools at hand, you will be able to handle these issues immediately.


Five tips for Google Analytics use.


  1. Goal tracking.

The first thing that every business should set up at the beginning of a tern is the goals that they need to reach. Without a goal, your work will be in vain since you do not have anything that is motivating you to work hard. Well, it is not a surprise that Google analytics works just the same. Before you install this tool to a particular department in your organization, you need first of all to set up goals that you want to achieve with it. So, GA works by providing you with the useful information regarding how your website and business are fairing. Keep in mind that goal can be anything that involves your business and therefore, Google Analytics will help you reach your goals respectively. Some of the information that GA can give related to your goals include about how people are converting, the performance of the mobile and also how the email campaigns are being conducted.

  1. Tracking your business events.


After setting up your business goals, do you track the achievements or the events that go on in your business?This is crucial since, in the process of your review, you can easily detect some problems that may be available or causing the goal not to be accomplished. The moment you find these problems is where the Google Analytic comes in as it helps you fix all the issues that are hindering you from achieving your business goals. GA can assist you in monitoring all the communications and relationships you have with your customers, how they respond to your services and also how much traffic you are getting on your website. Well, don’t you want to know how many clients are interested in your site? If you do, then the answer to this should be Google Analytics installation. Another benefit associated with event tracking by Google Analytic is the fact that it allows you to track more on your website such as the goals that have not been set so the problems can be resolved with the GA tools available and revive the goal.


  1. Campaign Tracking.


This is another issue that has been reported by a lot of website marketers whereby they realized that the record of their traffic on the website is lower as compared to the people who visit the website. This problem is caused by the marketing campaign not being able to track the traffic as expected. Therefore with GA, you can rectify this issue with the use of UTM parameter.The parameter gives you the opportunity of adding your required URL campaign and this in return helps the Google to identify all your sources of traffic. The Google will later provide you with a campaign URL which is equipped with five options to choose from. From these options, the three most common URL that people use are the campaign source, campaign medium and also the campaign name. After setting your Google URL from these options, You can easily track your traffic and their sources.


  1. Site Search tracking.


Aside from attracting traffic to your website, you need to come up with ways that will help you retain those people on your website, and one way to achieve this is by providing what your customers are looking for. So, if your website can track its performance, then site search tracking is the best tool to use. It allows you get to know what your customers want from the response they are giving at your website. So, basically, the tracker provides you with all the data related to your viewers’ reactions to the site and what you should either add or reduce to meet their needs.


  1. Error tracking.


Have you ever clicked on a site to find some information and the only thing that pops up from the page is ” error 404? This is quite annoying, and it can cost you your viewers big time as the website owner. Although error tracking tool may not be available at GA, you can stills set it up and see when and how the errors have occurred to correct them immediately. Create an event tracking of the errors that occur if a customer visits the page. This helps you determine when the page is broken or if the link is not indicated well. Once you have rectified the error issue, you can still be able to identify if the problem has been resolved or not by looking at the responses of the viewers on your page.



If you are wondering how to utilize Google analytics to run your business, use the above tips to help you utilize the tool for improving your business by solving various website problems.

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