How to rank higher using featured snippets in 2018

Every marketer knows that Google is the king. If you want to attract traffic to your content, you must learn how to make effective use of Google. Google keeps updating its tactics. One of the changes in Google includes the introduction of featured snippets. This feature, which was introduced by Google in 2014, is still confusing internet marketers, as many of them do not know how to go about it.


If you search the internet using Google search engine, you will observe tiny boxes, which often appear before the organic search result. This is the featured snippet. Usually, it is presented as a quote and it is often accompanied by images, tables, videos and so on. It often appears as a response to a search query.


Featured snippet is very important for internet marketer who relies on Google to achieve success. It is also great opportunity for website owners to generate traffic to their websites. Marketers should pay the same type of attention they pay in ranking top in search engines to snippets, because it is also an effective way of ranking your site and business.


How to rank higher using featured snippets


The major challenge confronting many people today is how they can rank high on the search engine using the search engines. Here are some of the strategies that can help you achieve your objectives.


Optimize for questions


The same way you optimize for keywords, you also have to learn how to optimize for questions. Many people in the past depend only on implementing on page as well as link building methods to rank high on the search engines. While that practice is still good, you have to combine that with a question optimization method. You should have a target question in mind and optimize such a question. You can optimize such words like how, when, where, what, who, with and so on. If you optimize such and provide answers to these questions, it can help your content to rank top on the search engines. When people ask questions, they normally expect the answer within the snippet section. This strategy can help.


While answering the question, it is important that you provide comprehensive answers to such a question. Prepare that question in the header tag. This makes it easier for the spiders to crawl through and pick your content for proper ranking. Furthermore, you have to introduce more graphs to the content. Make your list on the same heading. The most important thing here s that you must optimize all the paragraphs and Meta descriptions. This will enhance the chances of your content featuring in the snippet.


Moreover, it is necessary to optimize every heading of your content. At least it should try to answer some of the questions. In addition to that, you must pay adequate attention to the best on page as well as off page SEO. It is necessary that you incorporate SEO best practices. Search engine spiders can help rank your content because it can detect it earlier.


You should focus on results at People Also Ask section and try to get some keywords related to your content. When a question is asked, more of such questions will appear, and this can help you in formulating your content.


Make way for your content to make it to the first page of Google ranking


If you optimize your content very well, it can make it possible for your content to make it to the Google first page. This will also increase the chances of your content featuring in the Google snippet. All those strategies that can improve your on-page SEO can help.


You have to search the internet for relevant keyword and structure everything according to the keywords. Furthermore, build backlinks and ensure that they are relevant to the keyword and your niche. Such backlinks must be from reliable sources. In addition to that, you must try to practice internal linking.


If you have old content on your site, try to update them in order to make them fresh. This can help. In case you discover any SEO issue in your content, you must solve them and if you are having any penalty, you must try to fix them. In addition to that, if there are algorithm issues you must pay attention to that. This is because Google considers all these. Use optimal word count. You have to structure all your blog post very well.


If you want your site to generate enough traffic, then you must learn how to rank your site high using featured snippets. If you are finding it hard to get started, information here will help you.

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