Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Most of the ‘holidays’ celebrated throughout the year centre around family and loved ones, but Halloween is all about fun – from young children going out trick-or-treating, through to adults getting dressed up for a more grown-up Halloween party. And it is important to remember this in your Halloween linked marketing: the primary aim is to bring in business and promote your brand, but being boring and lazy in your Read More…


Google September 2019 update

Every year, Google makes several changes to their massive search engine and internet complex. Some of the thousands of changes are simple while other changes and updates can be more complex in an effort to better link searchers with material they are looking for. In fact, the company averages about 9 changes a day to their algorithms and influence of web traffic, with fewer major or ‘core’ updates occurring every Read More…

Generate Free Traffic for Ecommerce Websites

How to Utilize Social Media to Generate Free Traffic for Ecommerce Websites in 2019

With social media becoming a more effective marketing tool for ecommerce website, you really no longer need to spend money on your traffic generation strategy. You just need to be a little more creative to be able to generate free traffic, using Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the likes. Lack a creative flare that is necessary for that? No worries, I am going to help you get started by giving Read More…


7 eCommerce SEO errors

The sad reality is that it is quite difficult to optimize e-commerce websites for search engine optimization than it is for blogs and five-page company websites. When you shuffle lots of products on and off your site, you end up encountering lots of problems which complicate issues for the search engine optimization tools.

In light of these, it is in your best interest to avoid such an eventuality. We have come in to help. That is the overall aim of our discussions.


10 Tactics to Write Qaulity Content

It’s a fact that every business aims to be the leader in their sphere of influence. Blogging is one of the top ways that businesses use to market their products and services. But, you can’t draw traffic to your website if you lack quality content. Any serious business that has an online presence must invest in the development of quality content. Top notch content sets you apart from your competitors. Read More…

website security in SEO

Web Security in SEO

HTTPS has been seen as a ranking property and the Chrome browser has been equipped with its updates. This is because HTTPS is seen to provide better cyber security in SEO. This does not mean that your website is secure from hackers. Google has always suggested that in order to have a secure website you should move to HTTPS by getting an SSL certificate. The technology behind this is that Read More…



With the growing number of web content and marketers, search engines’ algorithm is also evolving so as to keep up with the influx of web content and at the same time provide quality results to their users. Google, being one of the most used and trusted search engine, is known to be constantly updating its algorithm in terms of search results, in order to provide accurate and quality results to Read More…