10 Tactics to Write Qaulity Content

It’s a fact that every business aims to be the leader in their sphere of influence. Blogging is one of the top ways that businesses use to market their products and services. But, you can’t draw traffic to your website if you lack quality content.

Any serious business that has an online presence must invest in the development of quality content. Top notch content sets you apart from your competitors.

If you ask what quality content is, you’ll get different definitions from internet markets and SEO expert. But the answer is that it’s content that will succeed in achieving your marketing goals. It can either help you rank in search engines, increase your brand awareness, generate leads, increase shares on social media, etc.

The below 10 tactics will enable you to create killer content that will go viral and achieve its intended purpose.

1. Select your words prudently

Redundancy will drive away your readers. To avoid repeating the same words, you can use a tool such as WordCounter to detect overuse of certain words in your content.

Your content should also be easy to read. Avoid jargons at all costs. You don’t need a $5000 word to make your content great.

The aim of writing web content is to connect with your audience instead of showing your fluency or mastery of language.

You can also use Thesaurus to find synonyms.

2. Avoid passive voice

Passive voice makes it harder for your readers to understand what you mean.

Additionally, the passive sentence tends to be longer than active ones. To make your writing clear, stick to active voice.

In active voice, the subject does the act, while in passive voice the subject is acted upon. This is an easy way of detecting passive sentences in your text.

3. Choose a compelling headline and introduction

According to research, a few readers get to read an article; most readers skim through the title of the content. If you craft attractive headlines for your content, you’re assured many visitors will read through your content.

Same applies to your introduction. If your introduction is boring, it’s an indication that the rest of the content will follow suit.

Most top bloggers agree that selecting the headline for their content and drafting the introduction is the most challenging part when writing.

If you find it hard to write the title and introduction as you start writing, you can reserve this critical part as the final part of your writing before you start editing.

4. Consider readability

Writing for the web varies from academic writing and other forms of writing. A sixth-grader should readily understand your content.

Your writing must be scannable. It should feature short sentences and paragraphs, besides simple words. The structure of the content must also essentail.

Consider using tools such as the Hemming way app to gauge your readability. From the analysis, you’ll get feedback on what you need to improve to make your content readable.

5. Speak the language of the reader

Conversational English is the language of the web. Your writing should be in the first and second person. You should include more of “you,” and “I” in the text.

Write as if you’re speaking directly to your readers. The audience can connect more with your text if you’re conversing with them.

Though you are writing conversationally, you need to be careful with humor and creativity. Don’t go overboard in these two aspects.

The language to use will also vary with your target audience. Vulgar language should not feature in your content, even though you’re writing in an informal language.

6. Edit and proofread your work

Most writers are usually fast to post their work to meet deadlines, but it ought not to be so. Mainly, your first draft is just a sketch of what you want your readers to know. You’ll agree with me that good writing comes in the second or third draft.

After writing your first draft, allow it to settle than came back later, to edit and rewrite the content.

Investing in editing and proofreading is a must for any serious writer. Apps like Grammarly and Prowriting aid can make a huge difference when polishing your work.

The difference between quality and poor content mainly comes in the editing.

You need to invest more time in editing than in writing. Some writers say “write 30% and edit 70%”. That’s how critical polishing your writing is.

7. Utilize visual content

Visual content such as infographics, pictures, memes, screenshots, videos, and charts are essential tools to make your content user-friendly.

A visitor to your blog might miss the text, but they’ll hardly miss a picture or a video. Besides, visual content makes it easier for your audience to digest the material.

8. Embark on research

Quality content adds value to the reader. No matter the content, you’re creating, you must invest in research.

You need to adequately respond to your audience by providing exhaustive answers to their queries. Remember that these readers have come to you for solutions. Will they get real solutions to their problems from your content?

If possible include data and examples in the piece of writing. Additionally, you can quotes information from influencers in the field of study to give your content authority.

After doing the research, you can then add your voice to what others have said about the topic. Quality content must be original and not a copycat of your competitors.

9. Understand your audience

The target of writing content is to reach your audience. Any content that aims at converting or generating sales must be written from the reader’s perspective and not the writer’s perspective. Address their concerns. Let them know what they want and not what you think they need.

The first step before writing should be to understand the recipient of your text. Don’t waste your time writing content that your readers don’t connect to.

If you offer real value to your clients, they’ll spend money on your products or services. That’s how you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors.

10. Consider SEO

SEO targeted content will rank highly on search engines. It’ll also receive unlimited shares in social media platforms. The structure of your content, inclusion, and placement of relevant keywords and visual aids are all crucial aspects of SEO friendly content.

If your content is SEO optimized, you’ll reach more people; this means more customers, more sales and more profits.

There you go!

Any viral content must follow these tactics. If your reader gets quality content, they’ll be happy to pay for your goods and services. You can only increase traffic to your site by knowing how to draw potential customers to your website.

Quality content might be the only missing link to significant profits. Invest in high-quality blogs and let the world know what you offer.

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