Effective SEO in 2020

Effective SEO in 2020

As you already know, search engine optimization is a highly dynamic field that changes from time to time. The strategies that worked best for it a few years ago may no longer be so effective today. And that has been proven by keywords, which were the greatest tool for achieving success in this field a few years back, but not anymore today. Want to do great in SEO in 2020? Consider the following tips:

1. Use Featured Snippets

For starters, a featured snippet can be defined as a summary of an answer to a query of a search engine user. Displayed on top of search results, this information is normally extracted from a webpage by search engine bots and it includes the title and the URL of that particular page.

According to statistics, featured snippets are a big trend in search engine optimization right now. In fact, 54.68% of clicks from Google nowadays originate from them.

Do note that snippets are often evaluated and boosted to the top by the bots depending on their quality, which the bots have a way of determining.

Having said that, it’s time to take advantage of featured snippets by figuring out the questions your readers are asking and creating content that answers them precisely. You could also use question-and-answer pages on your site since these too may be picked as featured snippets by search engine bots.

2. Incorporate Influencer Marketing Into Your SEO Strategy

For starters, influencer marketing can be defined as a type of marketing that uses people who are respected in their various fields to drive brand messages as well as awareness to consumers. For example, a fashion brand may decide to use a well-known fashionista to make more people buy its products or services. Usually, the celebrity will have thousands of followers if not hundreds of thousands or even millions, on social media, who follow his or her fashion advice like a religion. As such, the word of the celebrity is what will influence more consumers to buy the products of the brand that is working with him or her.

Influencer marketing seems to be an in-thing for brands right now. According to a survey that was conducted by a research company known as Linqua, more marketers are ramping up their influencer marketing budget as time goes by. With that in mind, it can be a wonderful idea to incorporate this form of marketing into your SEO in 2020. How does influencer marketing even come in to search engine optimization?

Well, working with an influencer can help boost your content reach, thereby generating even more traffic to your site. Think of the multitudes of people who will share your influencer’s message for your brand! Apart from that, an influencer can help build valuable backlinks to your page.

I’m sure you understand the crucial role that these links play in SEO. If you don’t, here’s what you should know; backlinks are an important factor that search engine bots will use when deciding where to rank a web page. It’s worth noting that the bots have a great liking for high-quality backlinks and will rank web pages with such links higher.

3.Consider Voice Search

Your SEO in 2020 should encompass voice search, which experts predict could be the future of search. With smartphones becoming more and more voice search efficient, many people search engine users now search for things on the Web using voice commands. As such, if your website isn’t optimized for this, you are going to miss out on a large segment of internet users.

To optimize your website for voice search, you should make sure your contents are written in a conversational language. Remember text searches and voice searches differ in terms of the user’s tone. For example, while in a text search a user may type words with a non-conversational tone like “best barbershops near me”, the same user will use a conversational tone such as “Google Assistant, tell me the best barbershop near.” The key here is to make your contents have a conversational tone to attract the voice search technologies of smartphones that users use to search for things on the internet.

4. Pay Attention to Mobile User Interface

As of 2017, 67 percent of all web searches originated from mobile devices. In 2020, experts believe the percentage may have risen to above 70 or so. What does that tell you? That almost three-quarters of internet users are browsing the Web on their smartphones. As such, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile searches, correcting that should be your first SEO in 2020 priority.

5. Incorporate Video Contents

If you want to hide something successfully from the Millenials, hide it in a text. Millennials don’t like to read, they like to get information and knowledge through watching videos. As such, if your web pages aren’t complemented by visual contents, chances are that your message isn’t going to reach out to as many people as you would want it to. With that said, videos should make an important part of your 2020 search engine optimization strategy.

6. Pay Attention to User Intent Optimization

User intent has never mattered more than it does in 2020. For beginners, user intent can be defined as the intention that the user had when they typed their search terms into a search engine. User intent optimization, on the other hand, is the process of optimizing a webpage for search engines with user intent in mind. Search engines now have a powerful algorithm that they use to establish users’ intents before directing them to the appropriate websites. The engines now give a first priority to websites that are optimized with user intent in mind. Making yours one of those websites will go a long way in your 2020 SEO campaign.

Final Thoughts

The secrets of search engine optimization in 2020 are featured snippets, influencer marketing, voice search, making your website mobile-friendly, complementing your contents with videos and paying attention to user intent. If you implement these tips in your search engine optimization strategy this year, trust me, you are going to get very great results. Without anything more to add, good luck in strategy.

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