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With the COVID-19 pandemic almost bringing the global economy to its knees, businesses, especially small scale without an established online presence are bearing the greatest brunt.

Consequently, they are desperately trying to formulate effective SEO strategies to at least tap into the online market realm, which they have neglected for so long. Without the right knowledge, search engine optimization may seem not to work. The numbers of leads and sales accomplished by businesses may not be as significant as they are expected to be.

However, if the right principles and practices are applied, SEO has the potential to turn around struggling businesses even during this CORONA pandemic related global economic crisis.

Learn these secret yet powerful new website SEO techniques, then sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in:

1. Domain Name

Though many businesses don’t give it much thought, the domain name you choose can contribute to your business’s success or underperformance. In case you did not know, domain names are a crucial ranking factor considered by search engines in trying to comprehend various pages.

That said, your domain name should be easy to remember and reflect your industry. If you distribute flowers, for instance, you can choose an easy-to-remember and relevant domain names such as “”, “” or so as opposed to names such as “”, “” or so, which are kind of hard to remember and don’t help the bots that much in understanding your industry.

2. Architecture of the Website

You should plan your website architecture in advance, making sure it will remain relevant for the entire life of your business. If you don’t do that properly beforehand, you may need to come back to the drawing board as many times as need be in the future to ensure your site remains effective.

This will present costs you’ll have to contend with infinitely. By putting the appropriate site architecture in place in advance, it’s easy to prioritize and optimize the most important pages, ensuring easier navigation for visitors, without having to alter the existing architecture.

This can improve your ranking and visibility online, drawing more buyers, which translates to more sales. Remember that another factor that the bots take into account in ranking websites is the ease of navigation.

3. Mobile Friendliness

People browse the Web, using either mobile devices or PCs. Yet according to statistics, mobile browsing made up 63% of internet users globally, in 2019.

Today, mobile browsing has increased by 70% percent, surpassing desktop browsing by a further greater percentage. With that in mind, website owners should make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly.

Remember that websites are not generally mobile-friendly by default. An extra effort needs to be made to make them browsable from cellphones and other mobile devices. Here are some of the basic qualities of a mobile-friendly website:

  • It does not use plug-in software that is not compatible with mobile devices like Flash.
  • The text is readable without zooming in.
  • The links are spaced far enough apart, making them easy to tap.

Final Thoughts

Creating a website is one thing. Optimizing it perfectly for search engines in order to get the best results is quite another. In fact, search engine optimization is the most crucial part of having a website.

After all, if your site is not well optimized, it will not accomplish its full potential, making the whole idea of having a website less beneficial. With that said, use these new website SEO techniques make your website as effective as it can be.

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