How to find profitable keyword

Finding profitable keyword is a significant element of the search marketing field. The success of your website is more or less determined by how well your keywords are ranked. By finding the right keywords, you can learn a lot about your customers and significantly increase your website traffic. Of course, the aim is not only to get visitors to your website, but to attract the right type of visitors. Keyword research allows you to predict changes in demand, respond accordingly, and then produce the content, products, or services that people are looking for. The following points will help you find profitable keywords.


Gauging the value of a keyword

If you run an online store, chances are you make most of your sales from people searching your products on the internet. The relevant keywords are usually open to webmasters, and you can find this information using keyword research tools. The quandary is that these tools cannot tell you directly the value of these searches in terms of traffic generation. To make this determination, you need to understand your own website, do some postulates, test, and repeat.

Evaluate whether the keyword is relevant to your site’s content, and whether it will help people find what they are looking for on your website. If so, proceed to search the term or phrase in the main search engines. This will help you figure out which websites already rank for this keyword, and how difficult it will be to rank for that particular term. Do the organic results come with search advertisements? Usually, a profitable keyword has many search ads attached to the organic results.  


Testing the keyword

In case your website does not rank for a specific keyword, you can purchase test traffic to determine its conversion potential. In Google Adwords, click “exact match” and direct the traffic to the necessary page on your site. After 200 to 300 clicks, check to see how well the keyword has performed. Let’s assume that your search ad produced 3,000 impressions in a day and 100 visitors to your website, from which 2 converted for a grand profit of $200. In this case, one visitor from that particular keyword is worth $2 to your online business. At that rate, those 3,000 impressions could produce a click through rate of 18 to 36 percent with a no. 1 ranking, which would translate to 540 to 1080 visits per day.


Understanding Keyword Demand

Working with profitable keyword that generate hundreds or even thousands of searches a day is great on paper. However, the reality is that these search terms represent less than 30 percent of all searches made on the internet. The lion’s share of the searches are performed in what is referred to as the “long tail,” which contains millions of searches that may be performed a few times in a particular day. When joined together, these searches make up most of the search volume in the world.

You should also keep in mind that long tail keywords normally have a better conversion rate, since they catch searchers later in the buying and conversion cycle. For instance, when someone searches for “thermos,” they are most likely browsing and not ready to make a purchase. However, when they search for “best price on Plastisol Vacuum Flask 1.8L, they practically have cash on their hand.


Profitable Keyword

It is fairly easy to approximate the monetary value of a keyword ranking number one on search results. Simply multiply the average CTR for a position one ranking with the average monthly search volume, and then multiply the result with the suggested bid value at Google Keyword Planner. This will give you an estimate of how much traffic is generated by the first position, and how much you may have to spend to achieve a similar result. The purpose of the Google Keyword Planner is to provide a competition metric for AdWords, but not to indicate the difficulty of ranking.

This metric is not applicable for SEO because of the general complexity of the Google ranking algorithm and the discrepancy in AdWords usage. However, if you’re more interested with keyword research, by all means use it. For SEO purposes, this calculator may come in handy. The main idea is to have a clear understanding of your target audience, and then proceed to find the right keywords to reach them.

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